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Taxes is one of the biggest killers of wealth.

If you have the right facts, you can pay less tax. 


Ways to Work with us to Pay Less Tax!

The tax code is filled with benefits for real estate investors. We are here to help you take advantage of them.

Whether you are a newbie investor or a real estate expert, we have a tax savings solution for your needs.

Real Estate Tax Savings Course 


Gain access to some of the foundational tax strategies used by many of our most successful investor clients, at a fraction of the cost.  The self-guided course helps maximize your deductions, get clarity on legal entity structures, RE professional and short-term rental tax loopholes, and more.  


Strategic Tax Planning 

for Real Estate Investors

‚ÄčMaximize the tax saving potential of your real estate investments. Through private tax advisory calls, tax updates events, & interactive live group Q&A sessions, our tax planning service is designed to help provide the tools, knowledge, & resources to maximize your tax savings.


Tax Savings

In-depth one-on-one tax planning for your personal, business, investment, and retirement income. Work with a personal tax strategist as we help develop & implement advanced strategies designed to save taxes on. We take a team of advisors approach to help achieve your tax & wealth goals.



Pablo Gomez

The Strategic Tax Savings Program exceeded our expectations. Two weeks in, and the investment in this had already paid off. The patience with which you guys answered every one of our inquiries—often repeated questions—was much appreciated. 

Kelly Hong

They're really responsive, care that you're getting the information that you need to make the right decision, and are always very informed about the latest changes (large and small). I decided to take the plunge with Keystone and I wouldn't have done anything differently. Highly recommend!

Erin Bergman

I have made back my money 10 fold from what I have spent for services. I absolutely appreciate them and trust their advise for what I think are more complicated tax questions. The service they provide is incredible. Getting service like this is unmatched by any other accounting firm.

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Not ready to take the plunge?  Check out our  

 Jumpstart Tax Savings Mini Course for just $39!

This on-demand mini course will help you to kickstart your tax savings, assess whether you may be overpaying in taxes,  and identify which areas of planning may be available for you. Take the first step towards proactive tax savings.

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