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By Colin Wu, Ontario, CA on Dec 1 2021
I am a commercial real estate agent navigating the tax-saving strategies for real estate investment and my real estate professional career. Through attending this program, I was able to get my specific questions answered by Amanda and Matt in weekly Live Q&A meetings. What makes this program even more valuable is that I had the opportunity to expand my real estate knowledge in terms of tax from other investors' questions and Amanda & Matt's advice. This is a very practical program and it's very beneficial to real estate investors who are exploring tax-deduction strategies for their real estate investment. What you learn from this program will save you tons of money in the long run. 
By Marian Frueh, Salem OR on Nov 30, 2021
We took the tax strategy course with Amanda and Matt. We are SO grateful to them for the incredibly valuable information they provided. They did an excellent job of designing the course materials, such that the components of tax planning are easy to understand. They also did a great job of answering our many detailed and varied questions. They have a knack for breaking down complex material and explaining it very clearly. They also provided many helpful files and resources to help us implement what they teach. We feel empowered with our knowledge, not only to take appropriate actions throughout the year to maximize tax savings, but also to know what to look for on our return to make sure we are taking advantage of all the tax benefits that sometimes, even tax professionals can miss. They are organized, caring, and fun! This course will pay for itself several times over!!
By Susan Hawken, Santa Ana, CA on Nov 29, 2021
I was hesitant to purchase this program because I'm a retired CPA but I am pleasantly surprised by how much I'm learning each week. I will save about $5,000 in taxes this year by applying the information. It also doesn't matter the tax knowledge you have when starting everyone gets their questions answered and it's interesting hearing about other people's real estate deals. They gave me ideas too!
By Stacy Uybico, Corte Madera CA on Nov 10,2021
This program is essential for anyone with real estate investments or who is seriously considering fitting real estate into their investment portfolio. Completing this program has given me the confidence and knowledge to execute all the necessary steps to do real estate investing optimally! Now I know what I need to do-which type of real estate to buy, what entities and asset protection to set up and how to maximize use of my retirement accounts. Amanda and Matt share such valuable information in a friendly easy to understand format and will patiently answer all your questions and support your journey. I also found it valuable that they share their recommendations for other top notch professionals you can work with to create your team. Thanks Amanda and Matt! 
By Ray Zhao, Temple City CA on Nov 5, 2021
Hello Amanda and Matt, Thank you so much for a great program! My wife and I have learned so much from you during last two months. We read your books and listened to them at least 5 times. It has been a great eye-opening experience for us as real estate investors. I have told many friends about your books and webinars. The material is easy to digest and informative. Live Q&A is well organized. Again, Thank you so much!
By Kirti Agarwal, Mason OH on Oct 28, 2021
I am nearing the end of the course and volunteered to write the review as I feel so grateful to this course for all the invaluable information. I am totally new to Real Estate investing and signed up for this course as I heard about Amanda and Matt from my mentors - Leti and Kenji and I have no regrets. I liked the structure of the course a lot and how they go step by step each week from the basic key concepts to advanced level of tax planning. They address each and every question one on one exhaustively and make the Q and A session a lot of fun and interactive. I personally feel that they put in a lot of time in the videos and the slides are very helpful. Its personally hard for me to sit and focus and learn so I like the short videos and the downloadable contents. Last but not least, they have a great team and Ivoire has been exceptionally helpful. All my emails get addressed (even over the weekends) and each and every question I have asked gets answered. 
By Danielle Polen, Washington DC on October 28, 2021
I first heard Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland of Keystone CPA discussing tax strategies for real estate investors on a podcast and I was immediately impressed by the depth of their knowledge. I subsequently purchased their two excellent books, and later learned about their Strategic Tax Savings Program. In short, the Program was one of the best investments I've ever made! The content is top-notch, is organized into easily digestible modules, and is supplemented by invaluable live Q&As with Amanda and Matt. I would highly recommend the Strategic Tax Savings Program to any level of real estate investor, including those still contemplating their first deal. I only wish I would have found Amanda and Matt sooner in my own real estate journey! Thank you, Keystone!
by Marcus and Liz Fong Chula Vista, CA on October 14, 2021 
Just reviewed quickly our 2020 tax return.......that is such great news. I just wanted to say thank you so much for looking out for our best interests and helping us move into a smarter tax strategy. I/we really appreciate the depth of your knowledge and experience, and impacting our lives in a positive way. Thank you for being such great partners and staying vigilant on our behalf.
by Robb Stubenvoll, Orono MN,  on September 23, 2021 
Amanda and Matt are absolute rockstars. I learned so much in this program and would recommend it to everyone! It doesn't matter where you are on your real estate investing journey, as the content applies to everyone. My favorite aspect about the program is how Amanda and Matt articulate these complicated tax strategies down to a level that is very easy to understand in their videos. Then, they do a live Q/A so you can ask your specific questions about your current situation. Most other programs will have videos/content but not live Q/A. I also really enjoyed hearing other member's questions during the Q/A and learn from their real estate investing.
by Courtney Hill on September 13, 2021
The course gave an incredibly solid foundation and advanced strategies for real estate taxes. Worth every penny.
by Ann Foster, Barrington RI,  on August 05, 2021
The Keystone 6 week program was as promised and was just what I was looking for. I wanted to educate myself as soon as my husband and I made the decision to invest in a rental property rather than find out later what I was doing wrong or missing out on as far as tax breaks and strategy. The format of the program is perfect. It can’t be easy for Matt and Amanda to summarize all of this information into 6 very manageable modules for the participant, but they do! Since they can’t touch on everything they do present the material in a more summarized fashion which is good because it isn't a huge time commitment. What works really well is that as you go through the summarized presentation in the modules it triggers questions. All of these questions you have are answered live and recorded once a week. And as an added benefit you learn from the questions of the other participants also. I am also pleased to hear the communication doesn’t end with the completion of Module 6 and that Matt and Amanda will update us with any tax changes that may be happening and also will provide opportunities for further education. Thanks Matt and Amanda and to all of the Keystone staff who make it happen! 
by Cody Chong, Point Pleasant NJ,  on August 02, 2021
This program with Amanda & Matt more than surpassed my expectations and definitely worth the investment. Would highly recommend it to any property investors regardless of where they are in their real estate journey. 
by Crystal St. Clair , Bethesda MD, on June  09, 2021
This tax savings course has been so helpful and informative. The best part is the Live Q&A. Matt and Amanda are so down to earth and explain tax lingo using easy, everyday scenarios. Thank you so much for creating this course. I'm so excited to take my tax savings to the next level. Highly recommend! 
by Lisa Z. on Feb 28, 2021
Amanda and Matt’s tax program was just what we needed to learn the key tax savings strategies related to real estate. Their modules were easy to understand and their live Q&A was well-run and interactive. Amanda and Matt are true experts in their field and on top of it, they are super friendly, approachable, and patient! We look forward to continuing to work with them
by Ryan Bartle , FPO AP, on Feb 14 2021
My wife and I are both in the medical field and in the Military. We have been very fortunate and luckily own a few rental properties however we are stationed overseas and are relatively hands off. We decided that our taxes were becoming more complicated and that we needed to find someone specialized in real estate to help. Fortunately we found Keystone and we purchased and read both of their tax strategy books and absolutely loved them. The books were very easy to read and very applicable. We began to see all the tax savings we were missing out on and wanted to learn more. We signed up for Keystone’s tax strategy course and haven’t looked back! We are hoping to work with Matt and Amanda for a long time to come! 
by Chad Biagini , Dallas TX, Feb 12, 2021
We’ve been on the strategic tax program with Keystone, which was incredibly helpful on our financial journey. I’m amazed at how little I knew (and how little my own accountants knew) about real estate tax planning and savings. Thank you, Keystone!! 
by Shah Sirajee ,Mountain House CA,  on Dec 28 2020
I have recently completed the 'Strategic Tax Savings Program' offered by Keystone CPA. I recently broke into real estate & I am so grateful that I signed up for this highly educational course by Amanda & Matt themselves. I have to tell you it was worth every penny & every second. I learned so many different ways of maximizing deduction, profit extraction, using retirement funds for real estate etc. They are so detailed, have deep grasp on current laws, so humble & patient with all kinds of questions from participants. If you are looking for Real Estate Tax Strategies, look no more. Learn from the best. Amanda & Matt are truly the best in this industry!! 
by Hsiao Lee , Las Vegas NV, on Dec 22 2020
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and am so happy I finally learned what I need to do to save on my taxes. The live QA was extremely helpful. 

by Katrina Mateo ,Rancho Cucamonga CA, on Nov 17 2020

I LOVE the class! Learned a lot from it. Currently applying the strategies I've learned to my business/tax planning. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Wish I did this class sooner. The classes were very straightforward which I love, very informative and easy to follow/understand.

 by Kirsten L. ,Solano Beach CA, on Nov 17 2020
Taking a deeper dive into real estate, getting connected with Keystone, and taking the course has led to a change in my perspective. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be saying that about a tax course! Thank you again for an AMAZING course. I never thought tax strategies could be so fun!

by Jason Fitzwater on Nov 12 2020

The program has been a great learning tool for me. The topics are perfectly laid out for someone at the beginning of their investing journey and those looking to fine tune their tax strategies. The downloadable resource tools were extremely helpful filling in the gaps on several of the topics.
by Tim V. on Nov 6 2020
I was not looking for a course to take, but when I read the brief explanation of what it offered, I found myself saying that this sounded really good to me. Often times I would just skip over an opportunity like this but this time I jumped in. As it turns out, it is every bit as good and enjoyable as I could have hoped for. Your method of delivering the subject matter and the knowledge of the subjects are absolutely the best in my opinion.

by Becky F. on Oct 10 2020

Thank you Amanda and Matt for this course. It was really informative to have you both bring the materials from your books alive and to allow us to bring our questions to you and get your take on it. Thank you for being so patient and thorough with your answers as well.

by Chris S. on Sep 30 2020

We have had the pleasure of taking the Keystone Strategic Tax Savings Program and have worked Amanda on some real estate tax planning.

First the Strategic Tax Savings program: The course is laid out very well, with weekly bite-sized topics. Each week there is a series of videos and handouts. Also, there is a weekly live Q&A with Matt and Amanda. These have been amazingly valuable. I would say this is one of the best online courses I have taken. I've learned a lot that will help me save money on taxes and also structure my real estate business advantageously.

We also have had some consultations by email and phone with Amanda on our specific situation. She answered our questions in such a detailed way that we are actually very relieved after speaking with her! She allowed us to make some informed decisions that up until that discussion, we were unsure about.

My wife and I cannot endorse Keystone enough. They have really helped us save money and avoid pitfalls.
by CL on Aug 26 2020
I first discovered Keystone CPA via BiggerPockets. Some of the strategies were just so intriguing that I couldn't help but get their first book to learn more. The book ended up so fun to go through (and how often do you say "fun" when it comes to taxes?), and it just got my mind thinking and wondering about how I could implement some of these strategies to my personal situation.

As a new real estate investor, I decided to at least reach out and find out what Keystone could do for me, and if it would even be worth partnering up this early in the game. Long story short, I'm so glad I did it, and haven't looked back since.

All my interactions with Keystone have been pleasant, informative, helpful, and (once again) actually fun! They manage to motivate me as I deep dive and learn about different areas of tax planning, and its exciting every time a new strategy is implemented.

I can always count on Amanda to promptly address all my questions, regardless of how small (and dumb) they are, and this has gone a long way in this initial state of getting into real estate as I properly set things up. This combination of knowledgeable, responsible, responsive makes them a true asset, and an integral part of your real estate team. I highly recommend them!

by Kelly on Apr 2 2020

If you're looking for tax strategy and answers to real estate tax questions, Amanda and Keystone CPA is your one stop shop. My experience has been that they're really responsive, care that you're getting the information that you need to make the right decision, and are always very informed about the latest changes (large and small). I heard Amanda on Bigger Pockets and decided to take the plunge with Keystone and I wouldn't have done anything differently. Totally worth it to have a member of my team that is so established and carries a certain level of clout. Highly recommend!

by Erin Bergman on Feb 25 2020

I feel grateful for keystone CPA. I learned about keystone from udirect and am really so happy about both places! I think both of these places have been incredible investments for me and I have learned so many interesting things. I have made back my money 10 fold from what I have spent for services, not to mention the amount of knowledge I have gained. In addition, clearly keystone has an incredible amount of knowledge and passion for real estate taxes. This is my 6th tax season with keystone. I absolutely appreciate them and trust their advise for what I think are more complicated tax questions. I don't know what I would do without them. They also make taxes so easy to understand and the first book they wrote is really fun to read even though I don't think taxes are a favorite subject of mine personally. In addition, I have to add the service they provide is incredible. I just asked Amanda a question at around 9:30 pm and she responded immediately with a link I needed. Getting service like this is unmatched by any other accounting firm.

by Mariposa Strong on Mar 19 2019

I originally contacted Keystone CPA a few years ago when I discovered them via BiggerPockets. My CPA at the time basically became non responsive once I started asking him about using my retirement to invest.

I reached out to Keystone and spoke with a gal named Ivoire and she was super helpful even discussed some innovative ideas for me at that time. I felt so relieved to finally speak with someone who not only wanted to help but who understood where I was trying to "go". At that point I was behind on filing my 2016 taxes bc I had decided to not allow my old CPA to file so unfortunately that was not a service Keystone could assist me with at that time. Ivoire was very kind in letting me know and gave me a referral to another CPA who could at least file for me and she encouraged me to contact her back once the return was filed so that keystone could work with me for planning and then file next year's returns also.

Fast Forward to last week when I received my finalized return from my existing tax preparer -which I ended up using my Aunt and Uncle's CPA for the past couple of years bc they have a lot of real estate too and that was NOT the best idea- I know im not the most knowledgeable about taxes but even I was able to see some huge mistakes that basically totals to nearly $90k in taxes owed!! My CPA clearly was NOT knowledgeable in the ways I'd been led to believe especially when something basic like Depreciation was missed!!

In a moment of sheer despair I reached back out to Keystone CPA. It was the best feeling having Ivoire answer my call I never forgot how kind she was the first time I called over 3 years ago! I couldn't believe she remembered me and even had the original notes she made the first time we spoke so that made it even easier all I had to do was give her some updates on what has changed since the last time we spoke... talk about efficiency!

I had an excellent experience speaking with Ivoire to say the very least. Our consultation call was so exactly what I had been searching for! She was informative, straightforward, so understanding and really listened to my needs. She clearly communicated with a very professional demeanor but at the same time had some personality and made sure to get a sense on my personality too which is important and definitely makes talking about taxes a lot less boring haha! I could not be more thankful that she really eased my stress level at that point and made me feel confident in what Amanda, Matt and the whole team at Keystone can do for me as a new client this year.