The tax code is filled with tax benefits designed specifically for real estate investors.  

Join top-selling authors Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland in these podcasts and interviews to learn how some of these commonly missed strategies may help you save on taxes and protect your wealth. 

Commonly overlooked real estate tax deductions

Join Amanda & Matt on the BiggerPockets YouTube Channel as they discuss some of the commonly overlooked real estate tax deductions that you don't want to miss!

How to Save on Taxes Even If You are Not a Real Estate Professional

Join us alongside best-selling author and investor extraordinaire, Brandon Turner, as we discuss the various ways to benefit from tax savings even if you cannot claim real estate professional status. 

Potential 2021 Tax Changes for Real Estate Investors

Join Amanda & Matt alongside nationally recognized investor Bruce Norris for this 2-part series as they discuss what potential tax changes may lie ahead and how it can impact your decisions as a real estate investor. 

Talks at Google Event

Watch Amanda and Matt as they teach real estate related tax strategies during their Talks at Google Event. 

BiggerPockets Podcast

Listen to tax hacks for real estate investors with Matt and Amanda on the BiggerPockets Podcast. 

20% Tax-free treatment

Listen in as Matt and Amanda discuss which types of real estate income is eligible for the 20% tax-free treatment.

How to Pay Less to the IRS

 Join Amanda Han, Brandon Turner, and Josh Dorkin as they discuss tax saving strategies especially for real estate investors.

Strategic Tax Savings Program

Work with Amanda and Matt to learn the tax strategies designed to save you taxes year after year with maximizing deductions, legal entity planning, depreciation optimization, retirement investing, and much more!

Are You:

 Paying too much in taxes?

  • Looking to use real estate investing to save on taxes? 
  • Overwhelmed by all of the complex tax information online?
  • Wanting to know what simple steps you can take to reduce your taxes?

Our Strategic Tax Savings Program may the answer to what you have been looking for! Work with top-selling authors and tax strategists Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland to help you reduce your taxes and protect your hard-earned money. 

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