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Join CPAs & top-selling authors Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland as they provide you with step-by-step access, through the deductions, methods, and proven strategies to ensure you pay the least tax legally possible as an investor!

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With 30+ on-demand video modules covering all the foundational real estate tax strategies such as maximizing deductions, legal entity structuring, depreciation optimization, real estate professional status, airbnb tax loopholes, and strategies to use your IRA for real estate. Access the same strategies used by some of the nation's most influential investors at a fraction of the cost.


Maximize your tax savings with our done-for-you resources

With 65+ done-for-you tools, flowcharts, and resources designed to help bring you clarity in what strategies to use and how to implement them correctly.


Streamline your bookkeeping with our proprietary templates

We get it, bookkeeping can be a pain. Access our proprietary library of templates that can help you systemize and streamline your record-keeping on your properties, improvements, and other important tax write-offs. 


Thoughtful Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Access to over 9 hours of recorded live Q&A webinars to gain insight into answers asked by other investors just like you. The collaborative learning is phenominal in showcasing helpful answers that you may not have even thought to ask. 

Are you a real estate investor wanting to save on taxes but have no clue on where to start? Do you need clarity on:

  • What legal entity is best for your situation?¬†
  • Exactly what can be written-off on taxes and how to track it
  • Whether cost segregation is a good strategy and how to use it?
  • How to track your hours and use the rental tax loopholes against W-2 income?

If you are a real estate investor and you still pay a lot in taxes, odds are you are missing out on some big tax-saving opportunities.

Learn how to legally save tens of thousands in taxes by investing in rental real estate. Make more money without working harder by simply saving on taxes!


What Our Clients are Saying 

"The Tax Savings program was undeniably worth the investment. Matt and Amanda are so knowledgeable about tax strategies specific to real estate investors, which sets them apart from tax preparers who may be less familiar with that specialized niche. They share advanced concepts and tools we will immediately apply to our business. We feel we will save thousands of dollars in taxes every year going forward because of this course." 

Allison Keib

"This course is worth the time and money, especially for beginners. Some folks in the course with me had high income W2s and/or a rental income empires. I have neither! Modest W2 with one STR. Using what I learning in Amanda and Matt's course, my federal income tax liability is zero, so it paid for itself many many times over. I want to stress that this course is indeed useful for individuals with advanced tax situations, but if you are just starting out and your tax situation is relatively simple (like mine), this course is even more valuable to you. It's unreal how much I learned. Do yourself a favor and start out with guidance from the experts. You don't know what you don't know!"


Brad Hughes

"Valuable program to ensure we're maximizing real estate tax saving strategies and properly documenting our activities, the forms and worksheets are very helpful. Through this program and the two books, we have increased knowledge and confidence to make better planning decisions, working with our CPA to reduce tax liability."

Rob & Jennifer Davidson

"I took the strategic tax planning course. I thought I was pretty up to speed on tax rules but in the very first week what they taught saved me over $3,000 in taxes. Amanda and Matt are THE experts and if you're looking for someone who really understands real estate investing, you've found them here."


Laurie Phillips

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