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Protect Yourself from Inflation and Rising Taxes

Using Real Estate  

Check out the replay of our Live Event with our friend and client Brandon Turner. We discussed all things inflation, taxes, and real estate. This webinar was packed full of content which you don't want to miss. 

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Tuan Huynh

Matt and Amanda serve as your personal coaches. They will guide you on how to plan and implement tax strategies that significantly reduces your taxable income through deductions, appreciation, depreciation. These live meeting are not just generic information that be obtained through simple Google Searches. Amanda and Matt were answering questions that were relevant to participants’ personal tax and financial situations. The Strategic Tax Planning Course was simple yet comprehensive, engaging and interactive, and most importantly, it provided a wealth of information that will propel your real estate business to success.  Is it worth it? It is priceless! Read more...

Chris S.

The weekly live Q&As with Matt & Amanda have been amazingly valuable.  I would say this is one of the best online courses I have taken. I've learned a lot that will help me save money on taxes & structure my real estate business advantageously.


Becky F.

It was really informative to have you both bring the materials from your books alive and to allow us to bring our questions to you for your take. Thank you for being so patient and thorough with your answers as well.


Tim V.

I was not looking for a course to take, but  as it turns out, it is every bit as good and enjoyable as I could have hoped for. Your method of delivering the subject matter and the knowledge of the subjects are absolutely the best in my opinion.


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