Tax Savings Tools

360 Degrees Tax Savings Roadmap $299

Want to know what strategies we look at to help clients save thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in taxes? Get access to our Proprietary Checklist of over 200 tax planning areas covering your Personal, Business, Family, and Investing opportunities aimed to significantly reduce your tax bill. For the first time ever, you now can have access to our checklist for a self-assessment to identify potential planning areas that you may take advantage of. 

  • Work and Compensation Strategies
  • Primary Home Strategies
  • Family, Children ,and Education Planning
  • Investment and Real Estate Strategies
  • Retirement Saving Strategies
  • Strategies for Business Owners and Self-Employed Individuals
  • Entity Structuring and State Taxation Considerations
  • Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning Considerations and
  • Charitable Planning Strategies

This checklist is a digital product that you can download immediately following your purchase. 

101 Tax Loopholes for Real Estate Investors $375 

Discover how you can supercharge your wealth building by using tax loopholes especially developed for real estate investors. Get creative and learn ways to make more money and keep more money in Real Estate. Learn the keys to setting up your real estate investments to take advantage of the latest in tax savings strategies with 101 Tax Loopholes especially for Real Estate Investors. You will learn:

  • Utilize your primary real estate – your own home as a major tax loophole
  • How to get tax-free gain… even for rehabbers
  • Long-Term Hold Investors: 4 ways to make money tax-free
  • How you can avoid self-employment taxes when doing Fix-N-Flip
  • How to avoid the most common and costly tax mistake made by investors everyday
  • 5 strategies to convert ordinary income into capital gains… or better yet.. into zero taxed income

No matter what real estate niche you are in, with 101 Tax Loopholes there are bound to be tax saving strategies that you can utilize to significantly increase your cash flow by thousands of dollars each year.

This course includes two Audio files and a Manual PDF. 


Income Shifting Strategies Guaranteed to Save You Money $49


Effective tax planning takes into consideration all of the financial (and often personal) aspects of you as the taxpayer in looking at your Personal, Job, Business, and well as Investing activities. In this Audio & Video Course, we focus on One Main Strategy and show you the power of comprehensive tax planning using the concept of Income Shifting Strategies. Learn how Income Shifting Strategies can significantly help you to reduce your taxes when we take a comprehensive approach to planning by looking at your personal, business, and investing activities.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Easy but Powerful Income Shifting Strategies Between Family Members
  • Income Shifting Strategies Using Entity Structuring
  • Creative Investment Strategies to Shift Taxes into Lower or Zero Tax Brackets
  • Strategies to Shift Money from Taxable to Tax Free Buckets

This Video & Audio course is a digital product that you can download immediately following your purchase.


Tax Saving Strategies for Short-Term Rentals $39

In addition to great cash-flow, short-term rental investors may be eligible for a lot of added tax benefits that may not be available to traditional long-term rental investors. Join us as we discuss:

  • What exactly qualifies as short-term rental for tax purposes?
  • How to take advantage of bonus depreciation for your short-term rentals
  • Strategies to maximize and utilize any tax benefits from your properties
  • Pitfalls to watch out for when using your rentals for personal benefits
  • and much more

This Video & Audio course is a digital product that you can download immediately following your purchase.

Year-End Tax Planning Strategies: Your 30-Day Action Plan $195

Tax Planning during year-end is one of the most important steps you can take. This is the time to look back at what transactions you have completed during the year and to put together some last minute steps to ensure you maximize your tax savings when it comes to tax-time.

Some of the items we discuss include:

  • Important Action Steps before Year-End
  • Strategies to Defer Income and Accelerate Deductions 
  • Setting Up the Best Retirement Account for Real Estate Investors
  • Tax Efficient Ways to Extract Profits from Your Business or Real Estate
  • Tax Strategies Especially for Real Estate Investors 
  •  & Much More!

Top 10 Tax Saving Strategies Especially for Real Estate Investors $25

Want to know how you can increase your cash flow by using tax saving strategies especially for real estate investors? In this audio course, you will learn:

  • How to Save Taxes with the Correct Legal Entity Structures
  • 3 Ways to Legally Shift Personal Expenses into Tax Deductions
  • Strategies to Find Hidden Cash for Your Real Estate Deals
  • How to Avoid the #1 Most Common & Costly Tax Mistake Made by Real Estate Investors
  • Strategies to Pay Yourself Rather Than the IRS

This  Audio course is a digital product that you can download immediately following your purchase.

Tax Planning in Uncertain Times $99

This may be a year of some significant tax changes. Although there are still many unknowns when it comes to future tax changes, there are some things that we can do today to plan ahead to protect ourselves from potentially rising taxes. In this course, we discuss:
  • A recap on important tax changes that investors should know about 
  • Potential tax changes for this year and beyond, and
  • Tax planning considerations in uncertain times 


20 Real Estate Tax Myths Debunked! $59

There are tons of free information on the internet. Some are really great resources while others provide completely false information. In this course, we take a deep dive into what some of the most commonly heard myths are and reveal the truth behind each of them. We discuss:

  •  What legal tax deductions are available to investors
  • Scare tactics frequently used by CPAs and attorneys
  • What you need to know about depreciation myths
  • What is (and is not) a real estate professional for tax purposes

And much more.

This Video & Audio course is a digital product that you can download immediately following your purchase.


Real Estate Tax Strategies for Creative Financing Deals $39

If you are currently using creative financing techniques (or looking to use creative financing techniques) to acquire your next investment property, then you must get this Audio and Video Course. You will learn how to significantly increase your returns and how to use the tax loopholes to your benefit when negotiating with sellers. You will learn:

  • Investment Tax on Real Estate Investors and How to Protect Yourself!
  • Tax Saving Strategies that Compliment Creative Financing Structures
  • How to Buy Properties Using Seller Financing That Can Get You the Best Tax Deductions
  • How to Use Lease Options to Get Cash Up front and Pay Zero Taxes
  • What You Need to Know About Buying vs. Leasing to Maximize Your Tax Savings
  • Strategies to Use Tax Benefits as Leverage When Negotiating with Sellers
  • Why You Should Look at Retirement Funds When Investing in Trusteeds 

This Video & Audio course is a digital product that you can download immediately following your purchase.


The Real Estate Professional Status Essential Tool Kit $249

Did you know that you may be able to take unlimited losses from your real estate to offset the taxes on your business, W-2, and other activities?  The way to do this is to qualify as a Real Estate Professional when it comes to taxes.  If you are a real estate investor, ensure you are taking full advantage of all the tax benefits of the Real Estate Professional Status with this Essential ToolKit.

This ToolKit includes:

  • How to Qualify for the Real Estate Professional Status Without Ever Getting Licensed
  • The Nuts & Bolts of Time Tracking for Your Real Estate Business
  • Fail-Proof Real Estate Profesional Election Template 100+ Tax Deductions Checklist Package Contains Qualify For Real Estate Prof. Status Without Ever Being Licensed Real Estate Professional Election
  • 100+ Deductions Checklist Real Estate Professional Time & Activity Tracking Worksheet