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Whether you are investing in long-term rentals, short-term rentals, or flips, we have a tax solution for you.

Taxes do not need to be complicated or boring. Saving taxes can be as easy as 1-2-3!


Understand what deductions and strategies are available to you as a real estate investor.


Have a system in place to help you easily capture and maximize your available write-offs. 


Apply the strategies throughout the year to save on taxes and supercharge your wealth-building. 


Marlene Marti

Being a Real Estate Professional combined with the cost segregation & accelerated depreciation strategies lowered our taxable income by mid six figures. This will help us grow our real estate portfolio even further.

Sehrish Kamal

We are physicians and real estate investors. Keystone CPA provided us with wonderful guidance for our tax planning and that helped us save tremendously on our taxes.


Marcus Fong

Keystone has looked out for our best interests & helped us move into a smarter tax strategy. The depth of their knowledge & experience has impacted our lives in a positive way. Thanks for being such great partners and staying vigilant on our behalf.


Let our team of tax advisors help you to protect your hard-earned money through

proactive tax planning.

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Private Advisory Calls

Received two private calls with one of our tax advisors to walkthrough strategies that will help minimize your tax liability and answer your most pressing questions. 

Live Interactive Q&A

Join other investors in 12 monthly Live Group Q&A sessions where Amanda & Matt personally answer some of your top burning tax questions. 

Tax Strategies Simplified

Access the core real estate tax strategies like expense maximization, legal entity structuring, depreciation optimization, real estate professional, and much more.

Tax Insiders' Circle

Membership access to our monthly client-only event with leading experts on tax, estate planning, asset protection, cost segregation, real estate market updates, and more. 

Tax Tools

Gain access to tax tools, checklists, and worksheets designed to help you systemize and simplify your tax plan so that you can easily implement the strategies.

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